Up Before Sunrise, Grinding.

Hard to believe we are already through three weeks of the Morning Skate. The Boys having quickly turned into morning guys.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how the boys would do at 6AM. Would they be slow, quiet, sloppy? Would they be awake? But actually, the speed and focus we have seen thus has exceeded our expectations.

It’s amazing what can happen when we get the guys out there before the sun rises. Hockey is a beautiful game… especially at 6AM, when most are asleep.

Our goal each morning is to just get 1% better.

If you were to start with $1, and each day that grew by 1%, after one year you would have almost $37.

So why can’t we, as hockey players, just focus on today. Create momentum and consistency, then after a year, pick your head up to see that your $1 has turned into $37.

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We ended our third week today with a focus on puck protection. The point we were trying to get across this morning was how to use the defender against themself. What I mean by that is, sensing where the defender is, whether on your hip or butt, control direct and take ice to create space for yourself to escape.

(I’m not sure how good I’ll be at writing about hockey in real words versus showing it on the ice. So the first video of the next Instagram is the ‘show me’ version of the paragraph above.)

Week 3 Day 3:
When protecting the puck along the wall, it’s is important to use the defender against themself. By feeling where the defender is, the player can use that as leverage to create space for himself. More space = more plays made.
September 25, 2019

All in all, first three weeks of the Morning Skate have been off the charts. Excited for the end of Session 1 next week and the start of Session 2 in a couple weeks.

Have an unreal day,


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